THe Churs


The Chur team is excited to bring a new mysterious project to Cardano…“The Churs”. The Churs is a cryptic thriller NFT series which features masked creatures living in a post-apocalyptic world. Follow us on a captivating journey through the Chur Forest where we will uncover some of the most thrilling and unforgiving creatures of the Chur era.

A Chur Tale

It was in the year 2183 that a small angry species named the Raging Reds ruled over all the biomes of the world. Civil wars broke out in their Kingdoms. Lords, farmers, knights, merchants, fishermen, hermits, and citizens fought constantly amongst themselves like savages, hungry for power. The strong fed on the weak and slowly over time a mutation of the species began; the Churs. Imagine a malnourished, mystifying, masked creature hiding amongst the forest foliage living in a post-apocalyptic world. They have since lived for centuries living undetected...

Some Examples of the Churs

What is a Chur?

Churs are small masked unforgiving malnourished creatures that have become very territorial of their community. They live deep in the Chur Forest living and feeding on scraps and carcasses of small animals, and even on occasion, the weaker Chur.

Why should I hold a “Chur?”

Owning a Chur will allow you access to many perks:

  • Entry to exclusive Chur events

  • VIP passes

  • Tokenomics

  • Entry to festivals

  • Exclusive Discord Sales

  • Be a part of an exclusive, dynamic, fun, creative, awesome community!

How the Chur Project came about

The Chur Project began after the reign of Raging Red in seasons 1 & 2. The success of Raging Reds led the team to want to create art that was a little different and more robust; a kind of art that has mysteriousness about it, something engaging, something exciting, and art that was good lookin’! Once our team had a firm idea and plan, we got to work. It was important that we took time to really understand the Cardano market, and our community, and nearly 6 months later are excited to share with you… the Churs!



What wallets can I use to purchase and hold a “Chur”?

You can hold your Chur using any “Shelley-Era” wallet. These wallets are used to support native tokens on the Cardano platform.

Be careful when making your wallet and ensure you secure your seed-phrase in a safe place where you know you won't lose it! Note: you never know when you will need your seed-phrase again!

No one can help you recover your lost seed-phrase, so be careful! Here are some popular and trusted wallets that the team has used or currently uses:


Will I own my Chur Copyright?

Yes, you will! When your Chur sits in your NFT wallet on your own blockchain you will have full ownership of your Chur. You get to use the Chur for things like making clothing, logos, stickers, you name it!

Royalty Information?

If you’re using the main Cardano marketplace (JPG store), we’ll collect a 5% royalty fee per resale. Royalty fees will be held in a transparent public wallet which will be under the “Royalty Wallet” channel in the Chur discord. This means that the royalty wallets will be publicly viewable allowing everyone to track the royalty fees seeing where the royalties get transacted.

100% of royalty fees will be distributed within the Chur project and back into building the community and bettering the Chur project in general.

What is a NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset representing different types of art, music, and videos. They’re often bought & sold online with cryptocurrency and come in cool, quirky, creative forms of artwork. Their unique non-interchangeable units of data are stored on the blockchain using its tech. Each blockchain has its own ownership.

Is a “Chur” unique?

Yes, very much so! They have been created with 150+ traits which provide thousands of randomly unique 1/1 Chur NFTs.

The Chur Team

We have a creative team of individuals who are outside-of-the-box thinkers. We are young minds creating new ideas – the “chur” movement – in the NFT space.


Project Lead & Artist

Hi, my name is Jack, or as you all know me, Redington. I'm a young artist from New Zealand who has been in the NFT space for around 10 months. I've just recently finished my last year of high school and have decided to take a year off to focus on The Churs & crypto in general. I came into the space after discovering cryptocurrency and Cardano through a friend at school.

After diving deeper into this space I found the amazing Cardano NFT community where I fell in love with the people and the art. Art has always been my passion/hobby, I would often doodle all over my school books, desks, test papers, etc. After discovering many great friends in the space I eventually found myself starting my first successful project, Raging Reds.



My name is Maria, and I'm the mother of Redington. I'm new to the NFT space and I've taken up the administration role for The Churs. I have 20+ years of experience in a series of administrator roles with a number of large companies, the most recent working for a large civil earth excavation business located here in New Zealand.

Redington introduced me to the NFT space with the hope of getting me into NFTs. After seeing my son create Raging Reds and now his team introducing The Churs to the platform, I decided I’d love to offer my skills to the team in any way I could. I love seeing how creative and artistic this platform can be.


Developer, Artist & Community Management

My name is Zack and I was an early adopter of Crypto back in 2013, which eventually led me into the NFT space. I went to school for film and radio and found myself working in a small studio as an audio engineer during the day and bartending by night. I then slowly transitioned into producing music and that's where my love for creating art came in.

Fast forward to January of 2020, I decided to build my own computer and that changed everything! I found my true passion for 3D modelling, design, and animation by accident because I was trying to make cool visuals for my shows. I have not looked back since and I work exclusively in Blender. I have always been an avid gamer my entire life and a ton of my creative inspiration draws from video games and film.

I came into the NFT space in July of 2021 as an artist looking to make a spot for myself and do a drop. As time went on, I realized I wanted to push my limits of what I am capable of and take time as an artist with my creations. My first project was to help with Discord management and image generation for Horror Punks. I then worked closely with Redingtonton on helping him develop Raging Reds where I ran image generation and did all the animations for season 2. I'm also the full-time animation artist for Bitfins and have other various roles in projects. My DMs are always open if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Community Manager

Hey Chur Family! My name is Hudson, I’ve been in the NFT community for a couple of months now. I am an investor in a couple of projects on the Cardano blockchain and I have experience as a moderator and community manager. I went to school and studied business. My studies focused mainly on how to manage, create and maintain a business. After my studies, I ventured into the crypto side and have been learning everything about NFTs and cryptocurrency ever since.


Any financial risks/viewpoints taken in acquiring our NFTs are at your own discretion and are not the responsibility of the Chur Team.
We view ourselves as an Art community project first and foremost and intend to continue in that manner. We should not be viewed as a financial investment and we promise no financial gain from holding our NFTs.
Holders of our NFTs may benefit from gaining additional artwork (digital/physical) from the team, however, any financial value is determined by the market, and is not intended as an instrument of the team to provide financial gain to holders